The DEUTSCHE MUSIKKOLLEG is a private preparatory college.It helps foreign applicants to prepare for studying music at a German-speaking Music University or Music Academy. Specially tailored modules are offered for preparation. These include instrumental lessons, a course in music theory and ear training, language courses, as well as assistance in choosing a place of study and for the visa. 

Study Preparation China


A special preparation program has been developed for Chinese applicants. We are also happy to place German applicants with instrumental teachers, for whom there is also a study preparation program in music theory and aural training on the platform

Online Lessons


All lessons can be held on site or online via ZOOM. In this way, preparation can take place in the home country without the need for a stay in Germany in advance. In addition to the webinars, there are individual lessons as well as digital teaching materials: a comprehensive script, teaching videos and exercises. All teaching materials are accessible on a learning platform via the Internet. The webinars are recorded and can thus be followed up by the participants.


Studienkolleg German with a Focus on Music

The language of instruction is German. This serves as preparation for the university classes, which are also held in German. For group lessons, a teaching assistant is provided who, as a Chinese native speaker, translates the lesson content and provides assistance in understanding the lesson content. In addition, there are special learning programs for learning the most important German technical terms in the field of music. Text exercises practice the in-depth written use of the German language at university level. In this way, a Studienkolleg German with a focus on music is integrated into the preparation program.

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Study Preparation China


Studienvorbereitung China

We offer a comprehensive online program especially for Chinese applicants. It offers instrumental lessons, a course in music theory and aural training, an introductory course in the history of European cloture, help in choosing the right university and help in applying for a visa, help with language school and German tests and entry into Germany. 


The contents can be arranged as desired and thus adapted to individual needs. 

Instrumental Lessons


We arrange instrumental lessons with German music professors and university teachers ( Dozierende)


The lessons can be conducted online via ZOOM or on site. They can be booked by anyone and are also an integral part of the preparation program.


We regularly offer master classes. You can book a ticket for the visit live on site, or order an online ticket.

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Musik Theory


Frank-Thomas Mitschke
Qing Liu-Weiberlenn
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