We have put together a special preparatory course program for Chinese applicants. It consists of different modules, which can be booked individually and according to your needs. The lessons and the support take place online. Therefore, no stay in Germany is necessary prior to the study, all preparation can be done in China. All MODULES are done online via ZOOM.


Language lessons

We recommend selected language schools that offer language courses up to B2 level. This level must be proven when enrolling at a university.  


Instrumental lessons  


We arrange online lessons for your instrumental major (including voice) and minor (piano). All our instructors teach at German-speaking music conservatories. This gives you feedback on your current instrumental level and valuable advice on improving your playing and expressive skills and interpretation.


Music theory and ear training

A course in music theory and aural training is part of the study preparation. It helps you to prepare specifically for the exam content in music theory at a German-speaking conservatory. The course lasts 6 months, the lessons are held in German and consist of a mixture of individual and group lessons. For group lessons, a Chinese-speaking teaching assistant is provided. In addition, there are interactive online training units for the most important musical terms in German. This teaching method is also used at the KALAIDOS MUSIKHOCHSCHULE.


Cultural history of Europe 

Often Chinese applicants are not sufficiently familiar with European cultural history. German applicants were taught history for several years at school. This knowledge is therefore assumed to be known at a university. Lack of knowledge in this subject has shown that understanding is especially difficult in the subject of music history when the necessary background knowledge is missing. This course provides an overview of European cultural history while introducing the working methods and procedures of a university seminar. This course is therefore a proseminar in music history, and attendance is recommended.


Final exam


At the end of the program, a final test is given if desired. It corresponds to an entrance examination at a music academy and serves as feedback. In this way, the course participant can already decide in his or her home country whether music studies in Germany are an option for him or her at the present time.


Visa, entry to Germany and language skills

The DEUTSCHE MUSIKKOLLEG helps you with the registration for the entrance examination at a German-speaking music academy, the visa application and the entry into Germany.



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